About Us

Paladin Armoury is an Australian company dedicated to supplying quality fight wear. Our business aims to bring MMA and other combat sports to the public eye by creating fight apparel and fight gear.

What matters to us is projecting our love for MMA to others by providing fashionable, quality and comfortable clothing/gear to those that also love fighting. 

Our companies values are transparency, quality, comfortability and passion.

Transparency: We aim to create a transparent experience for our customers. This means that the 'how we do it' is always important when it comes to wear and how we make our products. Our products are made by passionate designers of combat sports for work tirelessly to create awesome designs. We also have a team dedicated to printing those designs on quality clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies. The final product is then delivered straight to you in Australia.

Quality: Our products is made high quality, this means that when is comes to wear and tear, they stick around for a long time. The designs on our clothing are printed with high end machines to produce high defined text and colour. Our fight gear is made with precision and accuracy to keep you feeling protected and comfortable.

Comfortability: Unlike many clothing brands online that are specifically created for the lovers of MMA and combat sports, our company prides itself on using comfortable clothing and most of all comfortable equipment. With soft cotton for our clothing and beautiful leather on our gloves, Paladin Armoury always supplies comfortability over cost.

Passion: Our final value is passion, this means that our entire team not only makes combat clothing and equipment but also lives and breaths fighting just like our customers. From training MMA to being involved in multiple professional fights, our team understands what our customers want to wear and fight in.